5 Tips to gain Followers on Instagram – #follow

All beginning is hard: Here are my five personal tips on how to gain loyal and active followers on Instagram. It helped me to get the best start possible and to keep momentum going. If you want to become a popular Instagramer give these tips a try and you will notice the success.

            • Be active – Only if you post new things People will see them and are able to react to them.
            • Be consistent – I think you should post at least twice a Day every Day to show you are out there providing new content for your fans and friends. Also post at similar times so they know when to look for your new images. This helps to
            • Engage the community – Answer comments, look at picture of your followers and in later stages maybe even make a giveaway or shoutout. Don’t do them to often or they will wear out und loose in significance.
            • Be real – Yeah that sound pure cliche but what I mean with it that you should show some of your personality making a good impression of a genuine character
            • Use the tools – Get to know the app and know how to use its features. I will provide you with the best user interaction possible and will help you to get your foot into the digital market


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12 Angry Men – or actually just 3

I was searching on imdb for watchable movies when I stumbled over this marvel:

I wont tell anything you about the story. I will just recommend you watching the movie. The rest is up to you.

Normally I am not the greatest fan of vintage films but this one is a real charm to watch. I am a very critical person. Trust me. It’s a great movie.

Almost the complete movie is set in one single room. That might seem boring at first but don’t let that fool you. The story is told in a quite different unusually way also. The characters don’t know much themself and have to uncover bit by bit, putting the pieces together. You will be on the edge, waiting for the next clue, the next turnaround.

Stick through the first few minutes. You will be rewarded with an exciting plot.

Keep on playing

I have one significant criteria for my favourite songs: Its longevity. Hearing the song a thousand times but still liking it in the end.


On contrast: You know these songs you cannot get enough off? I do, too. Maybe you heard them the first time on you local radio station, on iTunes, wherever. After that you hear them 10, 15 times a day. For a week, a month or even two months. In the beginning everything is fine. But after a while they begin to wear out. Over the time you notice flaws. Things you feel don’t fit. Don’t belong there. Things you originally loved are starting to annoy you, until one day you don’t like them anymore.

But with my favourites songs it is different. They never wear out. I don’t hear them as frequently as once I did but I still enjoy hearing them regularly. They always have something special to them. They make you smile. It is like your favourite stuffed animal. It never gets old. Even when an ear is missing. It doesn’t matter.

There is only one song for who stands up to that standard. It’s an electronic song from a german producer.

Paul Kalbrenner – Aaron

Listen to it loud and with a decent amount of base. Many people find electronic music to monotone but I savour the rhythm and the little details.

Please leave a comment with you favourite or most significant song. I will listen to it!

Till it brakes down

In persistence predation – probably the oldest human hunting technique of all –  hunters run down the prey which will ultimately break down due to exhaustion or overheating. It requires great tracking and pursuit skills and more important tremendous endurance.

Being bipedal humans have great endurance capabilities. It allows us to run more efficient and thus longer distances. Secondly our body got excellent thermoregulation. By sweating we can emit excess heat very efficiently, thus keeping out body temperature at an optimum level . This is called evaporative cooling. It enables us to run longer at higher paces, where other animals struggle in the hot, dry surroundings.

This predation technique today is only practised by one tribe in the african Kalahari desert (also some northern Mexican people might used it in earlier days).

This is a video by the great David Attenborough showing how a Kudu is hunt down until it breaks down. I personally think it is one of the most cruel and brutal hunting strategies there can be. No time to rest, no time to recover until certain death comes.

As more effective hunting tools like arrows and spear were developed, persistence hunting quickly eclipsed. From the middle ages on french hunting used an altered method by further using dogs for assistance. The name of this is parforce, meaning ‘forced’.

Persistance got a complete new meaning to me.